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  Floppy Disk Images  
  Go to floppies directory for the latest x86 floppy images made automatically by the build server. Grab the latest and write directly to a floppy disk using dd or rawrite or something similar.

Check out the Booting Docs for directions on how to use this file.
  Source Code Snapshots  
  You'll find source snapshots in the Download directory, taken once per day. The current snapshot as of 4AM PDT is here.

After you grab a source snapshot, you may want to visit the Documentation page for instructions. You will most likely want to grab a toolchain (gcc + binutils) for your platform below.

    Source Repository  
  Access to git server  
  The NewOS source resides in a git repository.

You can git clone it from https://github.com/travisg/newos.git


    Toolchain Binaries  
  Developer toolchains for various platforms  
  To build newos from source, a custom toolchain (gcc + binutils) is required. Below are a few pre-built toolchains for various host architectures. Email me if you need another one made and I'll see what I can do.

NOTE: if you're using cygwin, you MUST decompress the tar.bz2 on the command line using tar and bzip2. Using Winzip or Winrar will appear to extract the files, but Cygwin will have problems.

Extract one of these into /usr/local/, and add /usr/local/i386-newos/bin to your path.
  • i386 newos 3.3.4 for Cygwin here
  • i386 newos 3.3.4 for FreeBSD 4.x here
  • i386 newos 3.3.4 for Linux here
  • i386 newos 3.3.4 for Linux (statically compiled) here
  • i386 newos 3.3.4 for MacOS X here



    Copyright © 2001-2005, Travis Geiselbrecht. All rights reserved.
    Any question, comments, gripes, whatever: geist@newos.org.