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  Thank you to all who have helped out with this project  
  Many people have contributed over the years to this project, and I'd like to list them here as a big thank you. If you helped out and I missed you, I apologize and send me an email and I'll get it fixed right away.

  • Ithamar Adema (ithamar)
  • Mark-Jan Bastian (markjan)
  • Megan Batty
  • Trey Boudreau (trey)
  • Shawn Debnath (sdebnath)
  • Damien Guard (damieng)
  • Jeroen van Iddekinge
  • Rob Judd
  • Collin Kidder (adderd)
  • Thomas Kurschel (topical)
  • Michael Noisternig (notion)
  • Manuel Petit (freston)
  • Michael Phipps and the guys at Haiku
  • David Reid (zathras)
  • Justin Smith (jwesley)
  • Lionel Touati


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